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Dried Leaves
Dried Leaves
In Africa, the leaves/vegetables used in making soups and delicacies go a long way to adding value, taste, flavour and even appetite. We have a range of the most popular leaves used in making everyday African cuisines. These leaves have been specially selected, prepared, dried and packaged for excellent preservation so you can enjoy.
  • Dried Leaves add special characteristics to typical African cuisines
  • Specially prepared and packaged
  • A range of Scent, Ugu, Ukazi, Utazi, Uziza and Bitter leaves to distinguish your cooking
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Fresh Hot Peppers
Fresh Hot Peppers (per 100g)
Fresh Peppers are everything in food and in Africa, you're certainly not done with your food prep if these favourites are not present.
  • Get you dishes spiced up and add colour to it too.
  • Proper scotch bonnet
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Smoked Whole Prawns
Smoked seafood doesn't get any better than these prawns. they are not only gorgeous but add amazing tasty and flavour to your cooking.
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Iru (dawadawa) Locust Beans
Iru (in Yoruba) (or dawa-dawa in Igbo) is the single most important game changer in the kitchen. The introduction of this all-rounder is the most important transformation and signature you can put to any cuisine. Above all, it goes with just about anything. You can use it for soup, stew, bread, jollof, etc. It is globally referred to as African locust bean with the botanical name Parkia biglobosa. The health benefits include reduction of blood sugar, promotion of good eye sight, control of cholesterol and body weight management to mention a few.
  • Iru is simply the real deal - exceedingly nutritious
  • Transform the taste of your dishes and cuisines from 'okay' to 'wow'
  • A proven substitute for chocolate
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Whole and Ground Crayfish (40g)
Cray fish make great cuisines. Add some dried cray fish to your dishes and confess to the transformation in taste, aroma and flavour. Finger-leaking good!
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Frozen Crabs
Frozen Crabs (per kg)
Crab tastes just as good whether eaten hot or cold. It is great in salads, soups or soufflés and goes well with cream, butter, lemon and chilli.
  • Crabs are always delicious whether hot or cold
  • Sweet dense white meat from crab claws
  • Special delicacy made with crab liver
  • Give yourself a treat!
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Nestle Milo
Nestle Milo
Nestle Milo is a delicious fortified chocolate flavoured drink mix. Milo makes a fantastic hot or cold beverage. It contains malt with a mixture of different types of carbohydrates that provide energy and nutrients the body needs.
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Smoked Catfish Fillets
Smoked Catfish Fillets
Catfish is a very nutritional fish that is high in protein and very low in calories. It is a good source of vitamin B12 and omega 3 fatty acids, which are very important for a healthy body and mind.
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Horse Mackerel
Horse Mackerel (per kg)
Mackerel is a very delicious and nutritious fish. It has a very creamy meat and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It is also a very versatile fish that can be made into and with just anything. You can grill it, fry, bake, batter, etc.
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Madras Curry Powder
Madras Curry Powder (50g)
Madras Curry Powder is world renowned and esteemed in the cooking of spicy dishes and curries. It blends a series of spices to produce its unique flavours and aromas from this popular Indian region.
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Peanut Paste
Peanut Paste (500g)
Peanut Paste is a tasty and healthy addition to any meal or snack option. It simply adds value and the invaluable benefits of peanuts.
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Popcorn (500g)
Tropical Sun Native American folklore told of spirits that lived inside each kernel of popcorn. The spirits were generally peaceful and content, but when their homes (the kernels) were heated, the spirits grew angry. The hotter their homes, the angrier the spirits would become. As the spirits grew more irate, their kernels would shake with rage. When the heat was too great, the spirits would burst out of their homes and into the air as an incensed explosion of steam. Heat up our Popcorn kernels and unleash the spirits
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