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Kenkey (750g)
Kenkey is a popular Ghana food made from fermented maize and some times cassava, into dough. It is normally served with a vegetable stew or soup. The Ga type, also called Komi, is fermented for a few days, 2 – 3 days, wrapped in a single layer of maize husk, with salt added to spice up the flavour while the Fanti kenkey (also called dokon) is usually fermented a little longer than the Ga type, and no salt is added. It is wrapped in about 5 – 6 layers of plantain leaves. This is Ghanian/African goodness at its best. [wp_ad_camp_1]
  • Another authentic African food.
  • Ga Kenkey
  • Fanti Kenkey
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Attieke (Per kg)
Give your self the perfect side dish with an excellent source of carbohydrate. Attieke is a major signature dish from The Ivory Coast.  
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Tom Brown
Ghana Tom Brown (400g pack)
Tom Brown is a popular Ghanain breakfast porridge made from toasted corn, which is ground into a meal/flour and cooked with water to form a porridge. It is served with milk and sugar (or sweeteners). It has the appearance of cooked wholemeal flour, with flecks of toasted/dark brown grain.  
  • Tastes really nice with hints of toffee and caramel
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Yam Tubers
Yam (per kg)
Yams are starchy staples in the form of large tubers produced by annual and perennial vines grown in Africa, the Americas, the Caribbean, South Pacific and Asia. Yam tubers consist of about 21% dietary fiber and are rich in carbohydrates, vitamin C and essential minerals.
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Royco Usavi Mix
Royco Usavi Mix
Royco Usavi Mix is your best cooking partner to enhance the taste and flavour of your stews, soups and casseroles.
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Smoked Mackerel
Smoked Mackerel (per fish)
Mackerel is a luxurious oil-rich fish. Smoked mackerel is brined before smoking, then kiln-smoked so that it is cooked. It requires little further preparation, but it’s worth checking it for bones. [wp_ad_camp_2]
  • Suitable as a sandwich filler when mashed; In soups, stews, etc
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Hausa Koko (400g pack)
Hausa koko is a soured and spicy smooth porridge made from fermented millet. It is extremely rich in taste like most West African breakfast porridges.
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Veetee Rice
Veetee Rice (5kg)
Veetee Easy Cook Long Grain rice is pre-steamed. The result is delicious rice grains on cooking without the clumpiness often found with overcooked rice. The 5kg storage jar makes life a little easier for decanting and resealing after use, and is fully reusable after consuming. It is milled and packed in the UK. Store in a cool dry place.
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Hot Sheto
Hot Sheto
Hot Sheto is a fragrant, hot pepper sauce available at every table in Ghana. It is made of dried seafood: fish and shrimps,  ground and fried in lots of oil with ground dried red chilli peppers and other seasoning. It is an accompaniment to everything good and nice dish. [wp_ad_camp_4]
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Suya Mix (Hot Khebab Powder)
Suya Mix (Hot Khebab Powder) 100g
  • Suya Mix (Hot Khebab Powder) is hot and spicy
  • For those that know and live for taste.
  • Spice up your cuisines and watch your day become even brighter.
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White and Yellow Hominy Corns (500g)
White and Yellow Hominy Corns, also known as samp, is made from dried yellow corn kernels from which the hulls and germs are removed. Hominy is commonly used in African, Mexican and Native American cooking as a side dish, a casserole or a main dish with meat, fish or vegetables. [wp_ad_camp_4]
  • Africa, Mexican, American
  • main dish, casserole, side dish
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Sweet potato
Sweet Potato (Per Kg)
Sweet potatoes are native to the tropical Americas and are sometimes referred to as 'yams' in the USA. These tubers are rich in fibre, vitamins A, C and B6, and an excellent source of carbohydrates.
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