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Yellow Croaker (frozen)


Yellow Croaker is one of the favourite fishes consumed by the Koreans and other Asians. It is also very easy to prepare and goes with almost any dish you can think of. Many people enjoy roasting it but it does more than what you expect a fish to do – add quality to the cooking pot as it is very meaty too.


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Yellow Croaker

  • Asian (Korean) favourite
  • Yellow Croaker is a very delicious and nutritious fish
  • Versatile

Why you need Yellow Croaker

This is a very delicious and nutritious fish. Most Koreans and other Asians love it and it is a very versatile fish.

Grab some condiments here to make ideal delicacy with this fish.

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Please note: This product can only be delivered via express delivery or next day delivery. It is not eligible for Standard delivery. Thank you.

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