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Nestle Milo


Nestle Milo is a delicious fortified chocolate flavoured drink mix.

Milo makes a fantastic hot or cold beverage.

It contains malt with a mixture of different types of carbohydrates that provide energy and nutrients the body needs.

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Nestle Milo


Nestle Milo is also fortified with Antigen-E which promotes the release of energy from the food you eat.

Why you need Nestle Milo

Milo is loved and trusted by both old and young for several reasons – calcium for strong teeth and bones, iron to carry oxygen to the body’s cells, vitamin A for healthy eye sight, vitamins B1 and B2 to help release energy from foods and Vitamin C to keep skin and gums in good shape.


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Weight 1 kg
Size and Origin

400g Kenya/Europe, 500g Nigeria, 1kg Nigeria, 1kg Kenya/Europe


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