Our Services

PRrONTO is the online marketing solution arm of Illumes Sphere Ltd. PRrONTO.co.uk is aimed at extending the capabilities of our clients through the provision of a unique multi-vendor market place where customers are afforded extensive choices. We carry out extensive checks to eliminate identifiable risks to both our vendors and esteemed purchasing customers.

While it’s been the fancy of most vendors of specialist world foods, hair and beauty, related services, e.t.c to extend their product/service offerings to cater for those that work long hours and cannot find time to visit the shops, the logistics and associated costs have proved a mitigating factor. As a people-focused business, we appreciate the challenges and we are rising to the call – Prronto will offer delivery services to customers in Edinburgh and surrounding areas on all orders from any shop in our marketplace. We pledge to always deliver excellent customer care services to ensure our clients have more time to do the things that matter most – prosper.

We are proficient in promoting businesses and as such, we are offering our services to all our clients so they to can tap into our invaluable pool of promotional media. We undertake the setting up of your shop on our marketplace including uploading and describing each individual item you are offering to your customers. With our platform, your financial reports are only a few clicks away and you are just as close to meeting your regulatory obligations.

We have vast connections with manufacturers and exporters in Nigeria (and to a lesser extent, other African countries). We can introduce you to them, thereby helping you build extended business links while eliminating some of the inherent risks associated with international business. You can bet on reducing your costs too as you will often find that your products will become cheaper as we proactively reduce the length of the supply chain.

We are a listening business and as such we are always looking out for our clients. We offer business support services to all our clients. From business proposals to funding, logistics to partnerships, import and export to customer service, nothing is trivial. We will talk to you and will definitely point you in the right direction where we do not have the required answers.

For our purchasing customers, our commitment extends to you too. We exist to make your next shopping of specialist products and services from our clients an enjoyable experience. Visit Our Shop today.

Got any suggestions? Kindly let us know what you think and perhaps what we can do better. We care!