Our Values


At PRrONTO, we are committed to excellent customer service and user experience. We believe that every business should always aim for the next level. By this we mean growth. Our services all aim at extending the capabilities of the businesses that stock, sell and provide our favorite specialist products and services such as world foods; African, Asian and Caribbean foods, fashion and beauty; providers of several services such as child minding, event catering, tailoring and clothes amendment, etc.

Simply speaking, PRrONTO is built for the African-Caribbean, Chinese and ethnic minority communities in Edinburgh and surroundings; and all others who patronize businesses specializing in supplying specialist products and services to these communities. The objective is very simple – to create a one-stop multi-vendor marketplace where you can shop your specialist products and services from your favorite stockists, sellers and service providers at any time  without having the worry of getting to the shops before the closing times. We also make it possible for you to pick your delivery slot and have your purchases delivered to you in Edinburgh, and surroundings.

Our Mission

For us at PRrONTO, growth is our watchword. In everything we do, we put the growth of our clients and their customers at the forefront because that is the only we achieve our own growth. As part of our mission and values, we are committed to:

  • Simplifying the buying process for our esteemed customers
  • Helping our clients’ businesses grow
  • Encouraging healthy competition in our marketplace
  • Providing an array of choices for customers by creating a one-stop marketplace
  • Improving the efficiency of clients’ businesses
  • Improving customer experience by delivering excellent customer services
  • Providing reliable, very fast delivery services to customers in the UK
  • Empowering customers by offering them the best possible deals from our clients

Mission Statement

To help African-Caribbean businesses move to the next level by extending their capabilities and improving customer experience.



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