Food Stuff

Food Stuff

At PRrONTO, we pride ourselves on quality and excellence in service. Our vendors stock and supply top quality food stuff products to ensure we meet all your needs. From ethnic foods to contemporaries, we’ve got your food stuff needs covered.

If there is a product you will love us to make available, you can always contact us here and we will do our best to make that happen.

All our food stuff (except fresh and frozen items) products are also available for our super fast delivery services both within our local market (Edinburgh) and the entire UK mainland.

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Nyimo beans
Nyimo Beans (500g)

Nyimo/Indlubu beans (500g)

Nyimo bean is the local name for the Bambara groundnut, a legume considered underutilized and a lost crop of Africa as it is little known outside of the continent. Nyimo beans are naturally superior to most other legumes.  
£3.62 Sold By::Nissi Groceries
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Cerevita Cereal
Golden Morn is a nutritious and tasty cereal made from whole maize and soya. Golden Morn contains added vitamins such as vitamin A and minerals like calcium. It provides energy and nourishment from the natural goodness of whole grains and soya. It can be easily prepared by just adding clean water. Milk and sugar may be added if so desired.
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Tom Brown
Ghana Tom Brown (400g pack)
Tom Brown is a popular Ghanain breakfast porridge made from toasted corn, which is ground into a meal/flour and cooked with water to form a porridge. It is served with milk and sugar (or sweeteners). It has the appearance of cooked wholemeal flour, with flecks of toasted/dark brown grain. [wp_ad_camp_5]
  • Tastes really nice with hints of toffee and caramel
not rated £3.45 Sold By::MBS Ventures Limited
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Supreme Ofada Rice
Ofada Rice (500g)
Ofada rice is nutritionally richer as it is processed brown - fermented, parboiled and sun-dried.
not rated £3.98 Sold By::MBS Ventures Limited
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Smoked Mackerel
Smoked Mackerel (per fish)
Mackerel is a luxurious oil-rich fish. Smoked mackerel is brined before smoking, then kiln-smoked so that it is cooked. It requires little further preparation, but it’s worth checking it for bones. [wp_ad_camp_2]
  • Suitable as a sandwich filler when mashed; In soups, stews, etc
not rated £3.62 Sold By::African Crest
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Veetee Rice
Veetee Rice (5kg)
Veetee Easy Cook Long Grain rice is pre-steamed. The result is delicious rice grains on cooking without the clumpiness often found with overcooked rice. The 5kg storage jar makes life a little easier for decanting and resealing after use, and is fully reusable after consuming. It is milled and packed in the UK. Store in a cool dry place.
not rated £10.99 Sold By::African Crest
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Black Beans
Black Beans (500g)

Black Beans

With their black skin, cream-coloured flesh and slightly sweet flavour, Tropical Sun Black Beans are especially good in soups and salads, served with rice or as an accompaniment to meat and chicken dishes.
not rated £1.60 Sold By::African Crest
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Maputi Corn Snack
Maputi Corn Snack are very delicious snacks made from corn. They are a good source fibre and carbohydrates. Brighten your day with some maputi corn snacks and add some fun.
  • Maputi Corn Snack is delicious
  • Brighten your day with some maputi corn snack
not rated £0.89 Sold By::Nissi Groceries
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lemon cream biscuits
Cream Biscuits
Lemon Cream Biscuits are delicious and super tasty biscuits for your snacking, tea or coffee. Enrich your day with one today!
not rated £2.49£2.59 Sold By::Nissi Groceries
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Hake fish
Hake fish frozen/fresh stockfish. Hake makes great dishes whether grilled, steamed, battered or fried. Consequently, it is sutable for stews, jollofs, pepper soups, soups, etc.
not rated £47.25 Sold By::MBS Ventures Limited
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Whole and Ground Crayfish (40g)
Cray fish make great cuisines. Add some dried cray fish to your dishes and confess to the transformation in taste, aroma and flavour. Finger-leaking good!
not rated £1.99 Sold By::African Crest
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Hake Steaks (per kg)
Hake is quite a mild fish, with a white flaky texture and a flavour that is more subtle than that of cod. The fish has a soft, iron-grey skin and silvery belly. The flesh when raw is naturally very soft, but when cooked it becomes firm and meaty.
not rated £7.33 Sold By::African Crest
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