Smoked Mackerel
Smoked Mackerel (per fish)
Mackerel is a luxurious oil-rich fish. Smoked mackerel is brined before smoking, then kiln-smoked so that it is cooked. It requires little further preparation, but it’s worth checking it for bones. [wp_ad_camp_2]
  • Suitable as a sandwich filler when mashed; In soups, stews, etc
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Plantains per kg
Plantain (Per Kg)
Plantains are a member of the banana family. They are a starchy, low in sugar variety that is cooked before serving as it is unsuitable raw. It is used in many savory dishes somewhat like a potato would be used and is very popular in Western Africa and the Caribbean countries. It is usually fried, boiled or baked. It is native to India but are grown most widely in tropical climates.
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Hot Sheto
Hot Sheto
Hot Sheto is a fragrant, hot pepper sauce available at every table in Ghana. It is made of dried seafood: fish and shrimps,  ground and fried in lots of oil with ground dried red chilli peppers and other seasoning. It is an accompaniment to everything good and nice dish. [wp_ad_camp_4]
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Hausa Koko (400g pack)
Hausa koko is a soured and spicy smooth porridge made from fermented millet. It is extremely rich in taste like most West African breakfast porridges.
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Veetee Rice
Veetee Rice (5kg)
Veetee Easy Cook Long Grain rice is pre-steamed. The result is delicious rice grains on cooking without the clumpiness often found with overcooked rice. The 5kg storage jar makes life a little easier for decanting and resealing after use, and is fully reusable after consuming. It is milled and packed in the UK. Store in a cool dry place.
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Nestle Milo
Nestle Milo
Nestle Milo is a delicious fortified chocolate flavoured drink mix. Milo makes a fantastic hot or cold beverage. It contains malt with a mixture of different types of carbohydrates that provide energy and nutrients the body needs.
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Black-eyed beans (4kg)
The black-eyed pea or black-eyed bean is a legume and a sub-specie of the cowpea, grown around the world for its medium-sized, edible bean.Black eyed beans are super nutritious and tasty but still truly under-utilized in most of our kitchens. Unlike the red kidney beans, they do not need soaking.
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lemon cream biscuits
Cream Biscuits
Lemon Cream Biscuits are delicious and super tasty biscuits for your snacking, tea or coffee. Enrich your day with one today!
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sun jam
Jam (500g)
Sun jam is a mixed fruit jam prepared under high hygienic conditions with the unique taste of southern Africa  in mind. It is a produce of Zimbabwe.
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X-pression curly braid
  X-pression offers you unlimited curls and styles. - Curl in hot water - Can easily be backcombed, braided and heat sealed. - Ideal for creating synthetic dreads
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Frozen Crabs
Frozen Crabs (per kg)
Crab tastes just as good whether eaten hot or cold. It is great in salads, soups or soufflés and goes well with cream, butter, lemon and chilli.
  • Crabs are always delicious whether hot or cold
  • Sweet dense white meat from crab claws
  • Special delicacy made with crab liver
  • Give yourself a treat!
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Suya Mix (Hot Khebab Powder)
Suya Mix (Hot Khebab Powder) 100g
  • Suya Mix (Hot Khebab Powder) is hot and spicy
  • For those that know and live for taste.
  • Spice up your cuisines and watch your day become even brighter.
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